Norton Anthologies

Working on the Norton Anthology of World Literature has provided me with a challenge and an opportunity. What is at stake when we put together an anthology? What belongs in the ‘canon’? What is being left out? And how can creative juxtapositions within the volume open up a new understanding of literary history?

The Norton Anthology of World Literature; 4th revised edition, 2018

“The Fourth Edition of the most trusted and widely used anthology of world literature retains and expands the most popular works from the last edition, while refreshing the anthology with new selections and new translations of major works.”

Responsible for content in Volume B (100-1500 CE).

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The Norton Anthology of Western Literature; 9th revised edition, 2012

“A classic, reimagined.

A completely new editorial team, dozens of new selections and translations, all-new introductions and headnotes, hundreds of illustrations, redesigned maps and timelines, and a completely revamped media program all add up to the most exciting, accessible, and teachable version of ‘the Norton’ ever published.”

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